About Control GS. LTD.

Since 2003 the company has successfully delivered dozens of software & hardware projects and products:
  • Web based applications (client / server) and websites
  • PC software and intergration between existing software products
  • Development and production of electronic systems
The company maintains high quality standards combined with fair fees and flexible schedules.
We are proud to work with some of Israel's best consultants, suppliers and factories.

Type of projects

To meet the client's demands we offer services ranging from preliminary design to programming, website setup and maintenance, prototype development, mass production and consulting.
Our clients include companies who require IT solutions, electronics companies and companies who wish to integrate electronics into their products, startup companies, engineers and consultants, PR and Sales Promotion, TV producers etc.
All development is done in-house in order to maintain an efficient dev. process and to offer the client top service. Hardware production is done in Israel as well as China.


Our work process is based upon cooperation with the client where each side contributes its ideas and knowledge, rather than the client defining the needs and us meeting the spec. Working as a team often produces creative & innovative solutions and occasionally even registered patents.

We remain at your service.

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