• Carmel Tunnels - interface between the control center and Haifa radio station
  • Web interface for Parking Management System - Scheidt & Bachmann
  • Virtual Assistant service for Big Commerce - Wise Choice Market
  • Web-based shift scheduling software for restaurants etc.
  • Smart home remote control
  • RPM meter for conveyor belt for trucks - G&G Electronics
  • Wireless control for Smart Junction project - Technion Institute for Road Safety
  • People Counting solution for malls (Wireless, online, statistics & graphs) - Dizengoff Center
  • Synchronised dance pads
  • Interactive museum exhibits (motor control, lighting, multimedia)
  • Advanced security solutions - Mul-T-lock
  • Motorized rappelling ride for theme parks - Bezeq International
  • Driving simulator with wheel and pedals for advanced driving course for Alternativi
  • Control solutions for visitor center - Coca Cola
  • Interactive educational games for teaching math
  • Wireless DMX (WDMX) for huge displays
  • LED screen to display clock, temperature, score, text
  • Wireless data collection: Battery operated transmitters, optical sensors, data logger, GPRS based connection to Internet Server
  • Ultrasonic range measurement
  • Interface between Wii camera and Flash for interactive gaming
  • Motor Control: Several projects including bidirectional DC motor control with PWM speed control, encoder feedback, wheel to wheel transfer, failure mechanisms
  • Lighting: Dozens of projects including dimmers and custom lighting solutions, RGB LED controllers (programming, RF remote control, DMX-512 interface)
  • Special projects for TV and exhibitions
  • Wireless communications: Several projects including control of up to 1000 devices, wireless sensors & networks, wireless voting system
  • Automotive: Immobilizer, alarm systems, burglary detection
  • Automatic Test Equipment for projects which went into mass production

Web database applications

Led controllers

Rappelling ride

Educational basketball