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CGS at a glance

  • Founded 2003
  • Successfully completed over 200 projects of different scales
  • All development is done in-house by a small multi-talented team
  • Located in Hasharon area, Israel
  • We offer High quality results, Creativity, and Fair pricing
  • The key to our success: Long term business relationships
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Here is what we do

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Client side • Server side • API integration
Software architecture • Database design
Web services • eCommerce

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Turn-key solutions • Board design
PCB layout • Embedded programming
Test Equipment • Mass production

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Project management
Targeted consulting
Software-Hardware integration


“The only source of knowledge is experience.” - Albert Einstein


Beyond opening stores on platforms such as Shopify, we can develop any custom feature that the platform lacks. For example: alerts, integration with computerised fulfillment storehouses, etc'

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Parking Management Solutions

The Parking Management industry keeps pushing for new technologies. We developed Web interface to control parking spot allocation, remote monitoring, vehicle identification, interfacing to 3rd party servers and more.

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Boiler Controls

For over a decade we have been working closely with EnTech Boiler Controls from New Jersey, developing and producing their advanced boiler controllers for buildings.

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Other projects

Public Announcement Systems

Solutions for VoIP multi-channel audio streaming, scheduled announcements, real-time announcements, hardware control, full web interface. Used in trains, public locations, radio industry etc.

IoT telemetry for agriculture

Data is sent wirelessly from sensors in the field to a cellular gateway, then uploaded to our server & DB, analyzed and presented to clients online.

Interactive Video, Frame Grabber

Several projects involving interactive video stream, stop-motion animation, image manipulation.

Android App Development

Mobile app for museums & exhibitions (guided tours with audio and pictures)

LED controllers

Over 15 years of experience in LED lighting, for industrial use and working with artists.
a train station art that uses LED lighting transmitters in an agricultural setting

Technologies we support

Let's get down to the technical details...

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Some quotes from our Top clients

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Our company and product line has been built with Controls GS at the forefront of engineering and component design. Having worked together for over 10 years, we consider Guy part of our company. We know we can always turn to him with any new ventures and he will turn out a superior product each time.

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Control GS has provided software development and support services to Vitality First Ltd.
Gil's technical knowledge and experience are extensive, and his solutions are creative and practical.

Excellent service from design to production.

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Contact details

  • address: 12 Habanim Street,
    Hod Hasharon, Israel
  • phone: +972-9-8788-662

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